My First Review!

So I wanted to share the story of the first review I received on Amazon. It’s also currently my only review so if you’ve read Solace and enjoyed it even the slightest bit please rate and review! So, on the final day of my book being free on Amazon I’m watching the number of downloadsContinue reading “My First Review!”

Author Copies!

My author copies of my book came today! It’s crazy seeing it in print. I’ve spent years staring at it on a screen and now here it is in tangible form! Today is the last day my book is free on kindle and its surreal how well it’s doing. Maybe in the grand scheme it’sContinue reading “Author Copies!”

Hello Blogging World!

So, I wanted to start this blog to help support my writing. I will be publishing my first book on Kindle this weekend and to be honest its quite nerve racking. Physically manifesting the stories in your head and then allowing other’s to have access to those stories is terrifying. How will my creation beContinue reading “Hello Blogging World!”