My First Review!

So I wanted to share the story of the first review I received on Amazon. It’s also currently my only review so if you’ve read Solace and enjoyed it even the slightest bit please rate and review!

So, on the final day of my book being free on Amazon I’m watching the number of downloads steadily climb. There was a knot in the pit of my stomach as I realized that a few hundred people now had my book in their possession. I was excited that it was doing decent but so, so terrified that no one would like it. Naturally, I was curious about how my rankings were doing so I click to view my book instead of my reports. I scroll along down the page when I saw the change.

There it was; my first review! And it was five stars! I read the comment which was positive, although being over analytical in nature (especially of myself) I lingered for a bit on the final comment in the review. Did I detect a hint of sarcasm? As quickly as I could, I dismissed the thought. The reviewer gave me five stars, he wouldn’t have done that if the comment wasn’t genuine, right?

Then I noticed the reviewer’s username. It included Matt in it.

I turned to my fiance.

Whose name is Matt.

As he sits there drinking his coffee while scrolling on his phone I accuse him of writing the review. He assured me he did not and a quick click into the reviewer’s profile showed it couldn’t have been him. This reviewer had ratings for items that I knew where not in the townhouse I share with my fiance and they went a while back. So unless my Matt had set up a real elaborate fake account, the review was legit.

So excitedly I send a screenshot to my mom whose response of course is “Is that from your Matt?” and I have to assure her that its not.

And to the Matt out there that wrote my first Amazon review: thank you, especially for not being my fiance 🙂

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