Let me introduce you…

to my goofs.

First up is Hickory, my orange and white Brittany Spaniel. My first dog ever. I had many different types of pets throughout my life but never a dog. And boy was he a handful.

Have you ever had a Brittany puppy??

There were so many tears. So much yelling. He destroyed everything. I can’t even tell you how much money I spent on replacing my glasses because he kept finding a way to them. And that’s just one item. I couldn’t keep anything on the floor or even on counter tops as he would jump up and swipe items off of it. He even found a way to undo the zipper of my purse on multiple occasions. He was just so full of energy and smarts and I had limited knowledge and resources on challenging him to tire him out.

And then he turned two. Now he is two years and six months and he is a ball of cuddles. He still occasionally needs to be reminded that his paws don’t belong on countertops and if he goes to the dog park he will run and run and refuse to leave but otherwise he is now the goodest boy.

Hickory pouting because he couldn’t sit in my lap while I was working on final edits for Solace.

And then there’s Asher Dasher. His name is just Asher but the Dasher part fits so well we usually end up throwing it in there when we call for him. I got Asher with my fiance and he is our five month old black and white, yup you guessed it, Brittany Spaniel.

“Why in the word would you get another Brittany?” You ask.

Well, because even though the puppy phase of Hickory was quite the challenge the result was so worth it. I adore Hickory and I have high hopes that Asher will turn out just as good.

For now though, he’s a huge pain. He’s into his chewing phase. Nothing around the house is safe right now. Apparently, even the walls. He took a chuck out of our bedroom wall two nights ago while he was in in crate. Needless to say his crate is now pulled away from the wall so we won’t have further fixing to do upon moving out.

I thought maybe I wouldn’t put Asher into training classes like I did with Hickory. What was the point? I did it with Hickory so I know how to train a dog, right? Nope. Asher will also be going to training just for the fact that I need him to be challenged and have an outlet for his energy. Plus, he is a bit more stubborn than Hickory.

Though he is stubborn he is also the biggest baby. He has to be cuddled if he’s tired or scared. His first trips to the dog park he didn’t even leave our side. And boy did he WAIL when he got microchipped.

Asher loves his sticks. He has a collection of them outside the front door from picking them up on walks. He used to be allowed to bring them inside until we got tired of finding splinters in the bottom of our feet.

Hopefully I didn’t turn anyone off of getting a Brittany Spaniel because they really are amazing dogs. Just be sure your sanity can withstand the puppy phase and I promise you will be rewarded with the best dog!

Bye for now!

Edit: If you are in the middle Tennessee area and are looking to get a Brittany I recommend either Stones River Kennel or Havencrest Gun Dogs. Hickory is from the former and Asher is from the later.

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